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Thread: Treasury seeks to regulate tax advisers

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    Treasury seeks to regulate tax advisers

    I recently read this article and though I might share it.... I really do hope they implement this as anyone can register as a tax practitioner - public will never know....
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    Just a question of time, I reckon. It's going to happen, Geraldine.
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    Stiaan Klue is just about the only person who has stood up to Pravin Gordahn's libelous claims about tax practitioners. Simply put, Gordahn is full of it and his numbers on this issue do not add up.

    The part that is true is that SARS are "all over" practitioners.

    The joke is that the vast majority of tax practitioners are already members of other professional bodies. Those that are not might be a problem. But to the extent claimed? I don't believe it for a second.

    The article itself also is inaccurate; in one breath it speaks about tax advisors, in the next it speaks about tax practitioners. They are like dolphins and whales; similar but that is all.

    If R280 million is owed by people providing lodgement services, every service provider I know is doing something very wrong.

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    Personally I think all they want is to collect tax from tax practitioners who many times take moey under the table. The simpliest example is you do a tax return they give you the money cash, sars is losing out
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