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Thread: Social Lending (Rainfin)

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    Social Lending (Rainfin)

    I read this article and found it to be rather interesting and thought provoking to a certain degree.

    What is your thoughts on the concept presented by Rainfin ?

    Would you consider lending money to others through a channel like this?

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    Consumers would be able to lend and borrow money at more competitive interest rates than they could get from the banks and without the excessive bank fees.

    A report by TechCrunch, a global company that reviews new internet products, said peer-to-peer loans in the US had reached more than $1 billion (R8.3bn) since 2006. In the past 30 days, the two biggest lending marketplaces in the US issued 5 600 new loans totalling nearly $64 million, with a borrower average interest rate of 15.81 percent
    Given current interest rates in the USA, that's a pretty steep interest rate
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