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    Customer Tax Invoice

    Hi There,
    I am new to pastel and accounting in general. I have been receiving a lot of advice from my mother who has been working pastel for 15 years or longer. I did the previous year end but they had 13 periods which i fixed and reversed march transactions including all the customer invoices so that i could process them in this financial year. Only question is how do I use the same invoice/document numbers. I previously did a return and debit for each customer tax invoice. Now those document numbers still exist and I want to duplicate them as I don't want to confuse my customers as those invoices where already delivered to them. I could enter them into sales journal using the same invoice number as the reference but only problem is that I use inventory items. Please can someone help me as soon as possible! Thank you

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    I assume that it was no accident that they had 13 periods! Pastel specifically allows to set up 13 periods!!!
    After year end, when you finalize the books for the last year, Pastel lets you transfer the 13th period into the new financial year, becoming the first period of it.

    I am quite sure (I am also very new to Pastel) the idea is to be able to register invoices etc. belonging to the new year in Pastel, while you are still busy finalizing the last bits of the just finished financial year.
    Why so "complicated"?
    To be able to already work in the "new" year while still busy in the "old", because Pastel does not allow you to fiddle in past financial years, to avoid doctoring ...

    In regard of the document numbers, I cannot help you (Pastel experts maybe can), but I would suggest you the following:
    As the redone invoices will have different numbers to those "originals" sent to your clients, I would write the original number as customer reference (or as a note) into the new invoices.
    That way you would be "safe", should SARS make a (cross) check within the next 5 years. Technically, it wouldn't be 100%, but you could easily proof that everything is above board.

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