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Thread: petrol price decrease

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    petrol price decrease

    you gotta laugh at the negative reponse to the price decrease...the first thing a lot of people agree how much is it gona go up next time and how soon will they nail us with the increase...will there be decreases in the food price etc...considering that every time the petrol price goes up its an excuse for everyone t0o increase everything else including food etc...

    it went down today and there is already talk of an increase due to the rand dollar exchange.

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    Doesn't make sense what you saying. The rand is actually a bit stronger but oil price is going up again, there is a lag between the price it trades for and what we pay thou. Food prices won't go down as producers will come out with different excuses besides the fact that their cost will decrease. In case you haven't heard despite the fact that petrol went down taxi fares went up and they are claiming that petrol is not the issue but maintance is. Our economy is abnormal, everyone does whatever they want to and end of the day we are lucky we are rich in resourses, I hope they never finish because if they do SA will be worse than Greece
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