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Thread: Easyfile 6.0.4 problem

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    Smile Easyfile 6.0.4 problem

    Hi, Im new to the forum and by change got to this site in search of solutions to my easyfile emp problem, hope somebody can assist. I am a first time user so had no previous versions installed. I completed the registration process as prompted with the installation of the software. I can log in and then im taken to a screen that shows easyfile and on the right it is selected when i click on ok nothing happens. The screen fades to grey and nothing can be selected.
    My payroll software is Pastel but i need to upload irp 5 and do emp501 recon, our bookeeper never did this in time. This whole easyfile thing is new to me so i might do something wrong somewhere.

    any help and assistance is appreciated

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