I've been involved with this company on two of their previous products. One was a forex robot and the other a sports betting software, which though I only made a few sales, paid out $100 a sale, and is a monthly income. Now they're turning their attention to the commodity trading and have created a revolutionary trading robot that can only be seen to be believed.

I'm not joking, this whole system will be in a league of its own, from the innovative presentation of a physical prototype to the way the software works, and best of all is the affiliate commission you'll earn. At over $600 a sale, and a 15% commission for 2nd tier affiliates, this one promises to pay you very well for your efforts.

And with this huge 2nd tier affiliate commission, it even makes it worth my while, instead of just promoting it myself, to take time to mentor newbies, step by step to help you get your first affiliate sale from this system.

It launches on July 8, and I highly recommend that you check out the site I'm building to promote it at http://getthecommoditycode.com/. Subscribe to the newsletter there, and get in touch with me on email. Let's make the rest of the winter warm profiting from the gobal trade in gold, silver and oil, and never moan when the petrol price goes up again.