Is it just me or have others found this as well? The Axxess ISP home page says if you but a prepaid voucher in June you get DOUBLE the amount purchased providing you activate it in June.
A little further down the page they advertise one gig prepaid for R35.00. So I went to the Engen garage and asked for a one gig voucher. Their price was R70. I pointed out that Axxess charges
R35 per gig but they wouldn't budge. I declined their offer and went home and phoned Axxess here in PE. Yes, they confirmed that 1 gig cost R35. So I bought one gig, expecting to get double my
purchased gig by activating it immediately. No dice. I got just one gig. So back I went again to Axxes to ask what gives? Turns out that if you pay R70 for one gig you get two gig. Buying a R35 voucher
does NOT entitle you to 2 gigs as advertised. You have to purchase TWO vouchers at R35 each to gigs.
So where did I misunderstand this advert? Can any one elucidate please?