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Thread: My Blog was deleted can I get it back

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    My Blog was deleted can I get it back

    My new blog was deleted by someone who gained access to my email account. How I dont know because it was not shown in my profile. It is a blogspot blog. I have reported the matter to Google. Is there any chance of me recovering the Blog? Please someone say yes!

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    I am not sure if you can get it back, but if it is your posting you after you might be able to find them using the way back machine(Internet Archieve) simple type the blog address in and it should take you there. You did not give the address of the blog or what makes you think it was deleted, so with out further info your best bet is to try the way back machine to retrieve your information you posted

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    Or do a Google search for the url of the blog and check Google's archived version (quickly, before they reindex it).

    Thanks for the link to the wayback machine, Vieome. This brought back memories of a much simpler time.

    I remember cruising the waybacks via Alexa once too - I guess that is where Alexa got the snapshots from. Amazing how TFSA has morphed over the years.

    And how embarrassing some of those early skin attempts of mine were
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    This thread is also unsettling! It seems there's a breed of characters out there who make it their business to hack into such accounts. It must be for some unscrupulous reason.
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