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Thread: Clarity on Travel Times

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    Post Clarity on Travel Times

    Hi TFSA members.

    I'm not sure about the law regarding travelling times, so perhaps someone can help me out.

    I stay in Midrand, and my company is in Sandton. Its about 20km from my house to our offices, and it takes about 20min-30min travel time [one way].

    Now, my company has made me an 'on-site' resource at Customers in Boksburg. This has now changed my travelling time to 80 - 90 mins , and distance to 80km[to get to the clients, one way trip]. We agreed upon travel expenses, and that gets paid by AA rate. But we have not yet agreed upon travelling time. According to the company, travel time is on my own time, and I can't claim the time.

    So my routine went from 40min total travel time a day, to almost 3 hours travelling time. It does not make sense to me that the 2hour extra travelling time a day is for my own account, or am I missing something here?

    Help would be appreciated!

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    If you go via the back .... ie Chloorkop via Kempton to Boksburg ...... it will be quicker .......

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    Are you being paid by the hour?

    I am not an expert and the HR guys will have to help out, but common sense tells me that you start at a certain time and go home at a certain time. Lunch and tea breaks may be scheduled in between. Not being paid while you are travelling does not make sense...
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    Check in at the office at the usual time in the morning, have a cup of coffee and get the latest office gossip, then travel to your new client on the company's time even if it means retracing the first part of the trip.
    At nock off time leave the client in enough time that you arive at home at your usual time.
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