Todays Sunday Tribune covers the unexpected and tragic suicide of a respected Durban Attorney, who from the stories written appears to have been one helluva good guy and had no apparent reason to take his own life. His suicide note apparently states it has something to do with reduced business but family dispute the firm was in any financial stress.
His personal and business associations go as far up the political ladder as the President, recent appointments include Secretary of the Arms Deal Investigation set up by the President and recent public cases representing Cheryl Cwele and Sifiso Zulu.

It seems that Mr Nugubane was a decent sort of bloke who deserves the utmost respect but I'm left wondering just why he would take his own life. Could it be that he is just so tired and despondent having to defend people and issues that in his heart he knows are wrong and that he reached a point where his moral conviction and principles got the better of him?