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Thread: Slow payers

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    Slow payers

    Zuma: Nearly R550m owed by provincial departments

    Tip of the ice berg, methinks.
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    I agree, that's just the start of it. I heard the other day that midical suppliers to provincial hospitals were up in arms about not being paid for 6 months or longer in some cases.

    We stopped doing work for any govt institutions about 2 years ago because it was taking over 90 days to get payments, it seems to have got worse since then instead of better.
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    What happened to the Public Sector hotline? Or was this just another goof by government?

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    They want the benefits of the positions, but do not want the responsibility which comes with it. It is again the basic requirement of not giving a damn about your neighbor , 'I just care about myself' attitude.

    Until responsibility for the position and decisions they make is enforced, this kind of nonsense will continue to the detriment of the country.

    One of the problems that is being discussed in another thread with respect to the difficulty of making employees responsible for their actions. It is just so difficult to monitor and implement. You need a whole new department for the watching, and then who is going to watch the department that is watching?
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