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Thread: Pastel Error Code 380

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    Pastel Error Code 380

    This only happens in one client file when i try to edit customer accounts - when i click on the customer is gives a run time error 380 Invalid property value and closes pastel.

    This is only on 2 customers accounts not all of them.

    Does anyone have an idea of fixing this please.

    Thank you
    Geraldene Kapp
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    thank you

    hey Geraldene. I am sorry I can't help you, but I am glad I know about you now. I appreciate the work that you do and I love the prices.

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    36 found on Abacuss services hope it helps

    Runtime Error 380 : Setup Customer Documents

    The user file is corrupt.


    Make a backup

    Go to C:\Pastel04\Custom\Language

    Copy the Accuser.eng

    Paste it in the company directory

    Rename the Accuser.dat to Accuser.old

    Then rename the Accuser.eng to Accuser.dat

    The user accounts will have to be recreated.

    If this error occurs on any version higher that Pastel 2004 then this would be a datafix

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    Be careful about simply replacing the accuser.dat file.

    As already mentioned, you will have to recreate all the user profiles again.

    I suspect Pastel V11 is in question here, so that is not an option anyway and a datafix of the accuser.dat file is required.

    I can do the datafix if you can send me the latest backup of the database.
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