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    Income tax No

    I bought a shelf cc in May last year (2011).
    I then changed the registered name (which took a LONG time) & applied to Sars for a tax no. in Feb this year.
    I followed up a couple weeks back only to be told that the cc already had a tax number BUT its still in the old name (not the new one) despite the fact I submitted all the relevant forms.
    How do I get them to change the name?

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    You will need to visit the SARS offices and take the old and new CC documents along, together with certified copies of the all the member's identity documents and proof of trading address. It may be a good idea to update the banking details at the same time with SARS. Remember if you have VAT and PAYE registered that you will probably have to make these changes separately, so take extra certified copies of all the documents at the same time.

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