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Thread: Problems with a Franke Geyser

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    Problems with a Franke Geyser

    I installed a Franke geyser in September 2011, replacing an older kwikot (upon the advice of Builders Warehouse and what a mistake it has been). About a month ago I started having problems as it didnt heat the water... I replaced both the thermostat and element as they claim was that we had probably burned the element as it couldnt be set higher than 55degrees. I had both the element and thermostat tested and to my surprise nothing wrong with either.

    It heated the water for 2 days and then same problem, so I unconnected the electrical wiring and reconnected it and wow to my surprise it heated the water within 20 minutes... A month later still the same, work for two day and then problems, I deconnect and reconnect and walla working again...

    Not sure if anyone else has had this problem?


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    Sounds like a loose connection in the installation, and has nothing to do with the geyser?
    Since you replaced the thermostat switch, as this is the control element
    It could be your isolator.
    The only way to test now, is you must have a voltage tester. When the water has not heated, do not touch or switch or remove anything. Measure the for voltage coming out of the isolator, - should be 230V if not then you found the problem, next measure the voltage before the thermo-stat switch, then after, if voltage move on, if not, you found the problem. Then measure voltage across element. If no voltage, then there is a broken connection between thermostat and element. In some cases they use spade terminals and the wire is broken at the crimp, but the plastic is still holding the wire in.
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    Sometimes you have to screw/dial the thermostat back to zero then up to required temp without pausing but passing the click.
    The internal shaft of thermostats often stick at the first position the dial stops at and although the indicator is pointing to 60 deg it may be cutting off earlier.
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