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Thread: Flu affecting workforce

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    Flu affecting workforce

    What does one do when one employee comes to work with flu, infects everyone and everyone takes sick leave?

    How does one prevent this? is it possible to force them on leave for the first 2 or 3 days they sick?
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    I know that many corporate companies don't encourage an ill employee with airborn virus to come to work. I think the better approach is to have a meeting with employees and explain to them how contagious the flu really is. There are also alot of employees that play sick during this time, go to their doc and get a sick note. I've had my flu vaccine. Despite this I have been feeling fluish this past week but nothing major. I've never got fever blisters around the mouth area before, I've got them now. This is a bit worrying for me..
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    "Stay away from me if you have the flu" is kinda built into the culture here.
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    Saw an interesting programme on Sunday (Dr Mol) - apparently Flu lasts 2-4 days and is viral and is best to go to bed for at least 2 days. Antibiotics treat bacteria infection not a virus so they will not help unless a bacterial infection has set in. A cold which is snivelling, coughing and spluttering, headache etc... normally lasts 10 to 12 days and best treated by 1000mg vitamin C a day, meds to treat the symptoms, lots of fresh fruit and veg and general good hygiene. Wash hands before meals, after going to the toilet, sneeze and cough away from anyone, some say if people are close by sneeze or cough into the inside part of your elbow. Hope this helps!

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    I think it is all too common for someone with a common cold to say they have the flu - either they don't understand the difference, or they want the sympathy.

    Either way - stay away from me. I'm staying isolated in my home office ( until my 2 bug carriers get home from pre-school, that is )

    Cough, cough. oops, got the flu. Honey, I'm almost dying here. Can you be a slave for a few days ?
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