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Thread: Model Aircraft

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    Model Aircraft

    Anybody into model aircraft ?

    Check this site:

    and the kid is only 17 !

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    F................................................. .................K me... That guy doesn't fly that plane....he uses it as a paintbrush and paints the sky with it.Talk about prop hanging, wow.....

    I've seen a couple of guys paint like that with helicopters.

    An interesting thing about the true experts is that they don't even need to flip the Invert switch when they fly upside down, they just carry on as if nothing has happenen.

    My foray into RC was rather disasterous. I could never get both my hands to operate simultaneously. I tried a 60 size stick - It went up beautifully but when I tried to land it looked like a seesaw going from side to side - The guy screaming "Left Elevator" behind me didn't help the situation much (My brain was already racing and then trying to work out exactly what he meant with "Left Elevator" ate up all the not already burned up brain cycles)...That plane dug a very nice hole using its prop as a plough. I would be flying the heli merrily and totally forget about the tail, or change direction and forget about power. It ended up being a very expensive lawn mower (Ok, I must admit, it also doubled as a hedge trimmer).

    Imagine flying a full size helicopter, throttle/cyclic, 3 D collective and rudder pedals...all simultaneously and still operate radios and weapons as well...nee ou broer, I would have flown that heli straight into a tree the first time anybody opened their mouth on the radio
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