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Thread: The flu vaccine

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    The flu vaccine

    I went to a few pharmacies in Lenasia to get the flu vaccine. The vast majority of them were willing to sell the vaccine but not administer it. So i bought for R60 and administered to myself. Deep intramuscular injection, deltoid(shoulder muscle). When I enquired as to why they don't want to administer it, they provide that they've had situations where the needle broke due to the person moving abruptly when they administered it. So to surmise, i've had my flu shot!!
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    When my wife went to buy the flu vaccine a couple of weeks ago she was turned away because it was the weekend and the store would not sell it to her as there was no nurse available. In spite of the fact that she told them that we would administer the shot ourselves, they were not interested.

    A week later, in the same chain store but at a different centre, we were able to buy the vaccine - no questions asked. We were not even offered the convenience of a nurse giving us the shot. They were helpful to the extent of even putting an ice-pack in the packet for us to keep the vaccine cool.

    So - we have had ours as well now.

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