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Thread: (lack of) Political leadership

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    (lack of) Political leadership

    “Our political leadership’s moral quotient is degenerating and we are losing the checks and balances that are necessary to prevent a recurrence of the past,” Reuel Khoza

    “We have a duty to build and develop this nation and to call to book the putative leaders who, due to sheer incapacity to deal with the complexity of 21st century governance and leadership, cannot lead.”

    Pressed on whether his comments would not be bad for businesses, such as Nedbank, Thulani Sibeko, the group executive for group marketing, communication and corporate affairs at Nedbank said: “Dr Khoza is passionate about ethical leadership in the public and private sectors.

    Good or bad for business?
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    It doesn't matter, business wil find a way....

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    I used to believe that business and politics should remain firmly apart. But as the political sphere has increasingly embroiled business into matters political I do believe business has no choice but to become involved in trying to influence politicial direction at times. The current drive by the top politicos for unchecked authority without peer is surely one of those times as it affects every facet of society, including business. And I for one applaud Reuel Khoza for speaking up.

    But perhaps it's not just the politicians that have seen business take political positions of late. There seems to be a growing demand for "corporate social responsibility" in many Western countries. Social responsibility is inately political, which means politics has to go onto the board room agenda.

    I don't think society should be heading this way, but as Chrismine implies - business will always respond to the environment in which it operates. It has to in order to survive and/or thrive.
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