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Thread: Turnover Tax - Wait, wait and wait!

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    Turnover Tax - Wait, wait and wait!

    Hi there!

    I have submitted my Turnover Tax Application Form (TT01) via Postal Mail to the SARS Office's responsible for Turnover Tax Registrations late January. The form was perfect, all details provided ect. They indicated that they received it.

    We now near the end of the first month of the new financial year. I have called SARS 4 times already to find out how far my application was. Each time they indicated that it is still pending and that they have 21 days to process it in. Well, they have exceeded that cap by far now. This is an extremely frustrating experience for me. I donít know to what record keeping requirements I must comply with... Turnover tax exempts me from having to maintain records of my expenses as well as other perks, but while I wait I am unsure to which tax type's record keeping requirements I have to comply with. Must I comply with the Regular Income Tax requirements, or may I comply with Turnover Tax requirements. Another issue for me is the cut of time for registrations. It was 1 March, but they just donít process my application Ė will they now exclude me?

    I will call them again Monday morning, but would love some input from TFSA members on what they think I should. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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    I would think it doesn't hurt to capture your expenses as you go anyway for management accounts purposes at this point.
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