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Thread: My perception of tfsa

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    My perception of tfsa

    Firstly, Iím naturally just a member like everyone else on TFSA.The one thing that Iíve come to realize about TFSA is that there are genuine, bona fide, real good people on this forum. They have real physical business and residential addresses. They have individual personalities and rightfully so. I have deduced that the members just donít want to be taken for a ride, conned or swindled. There is also a vast wealth of current and usable knowledge on this forum. TFSA is unique to our South African demographics, psychographics and geographics.
    Iíve come to see that we can express ourselves as individuals in the Ďgeneral chat,í forum, crack a joke or two and discuss the newspaper headlines that impact on our lives as South Africa. Iíve reached a point where I look forward to certain peopleís posts.
    When I first joined TFSA, I was not familiar with the etiquette(didnít read it at first) so I took the liberty of doing what I do every day and every where, i.e. evangelize the Gospel. Members expressed their concerns and set me straight. I welcomed the feedback!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanash Naick View Post
    I welcomed the feedback!
    If ever there was a secret to getting the most out of TFSA, I reckon that's it

    Thanks for the feedback, Vanash. I for one truly appreciate it.
    Seeing opportunity changes nothing. Seizing opportunity and running with it changes lives.

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