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Thread: Prepaid electricity vending

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    Prepaid electricity vending


    We are currently getting our prepaid electricity from a private company. My question is that when I buy electricity paying by EFT on a Friday morning surely that should be reflecting in my account by now? Can someone please advise me if i can buy electricity somewhere else at least or don't they actually allow it? Surely you should be able to vend somewhere else if the money doesn't reflect in their account in time is this even legal? Maybe i'm just having one of my slow moments but i really think its ridiculous.

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    It depends in which area you are and if you fall under a specific municipality.

    If you send me your meter number and area, I can maybe do a sale of a minimum amount, and see if it accepts your meter number, you then try the PIN and see if it works. If it does, then yuou have another avenue.
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