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Thread: Eight Days in September

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    Eight Days in September

    Frank Chikane has just released his book, 8 Days In September. It's about the removal of Thabo Mbeki from the Presidency in 2008, and I'm sure to get around to reading it.

    Peter Bruce of Business Day lets rip on the topic here if you want some idea of what to expect. The comments are worth a read too.

    My view at the time (and I'm sure I made the point somewhere along the line on TFSA) was Thabo Mbeki's exit from the Presidency might prove to be his greatest bit of statesmanship. I certainly was among his critics for much of what he did before, but Thabo Mbeki certainly earned my respect for his handling of that ordeal.
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    It is going to be interesting to see whether Zuma goes with the same dignity that Thabo Mbeki exited the scene. He will not have Malema dropping his drawers and showing a brownie to all and sundry.

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