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Thread: "Prestige Bulletin"

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    "Prestige Bulletin"

    Many years ago I subscribed to the publication, but I could not really make use of the information they made available. This is a paper only publication, which I find strange in this time and age we are in.

    From time to time I receive offers from them to subscribe to the publication again. Again this morning I received such an offer and this time at what they call a 40% discount for "life" if subscribed before the end of March. The amount is R90,00 per month.

    They claim that they will provide one with investment and financial advice to the extent that should one follow what they are saying you could make yourself substantial amounts of money over the next period.

    Have we got people on the forum members who subscribe to this bulletin and if so what is your experience with it?
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    I used to subscribe to the prestige bulletin, I enjoyed them a lot, there were little business plans, share price tips stuff like day we have the internet where everything is available and free.

    I see they are still in business as I found one of their flyers in the mail recently.

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    R90000/m - what a bargain, lol
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    Still a subscriber of them (The Afrikaans version) very very good information well worth the R190 p/m assuming you are in the investing space.

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