Hi all,

I use a Wireless Internet Service Provider for my monthly internet.

For the past 3 months I've been having nothing but trouble with this company. ( Sole prop owned ).

Constant disconnects. Can't retrieve e-mail's, internet being completely offline for hours on end.

Everytime there's an excuse. When I complain, it's back up & running for about 3 days, then 24 hrs of constant disconnects / being offline etc

My question:

What are my rights as a consumer here as per the CPA? Obviously I'm being charged for a service that's not being delivered.

I have screenshots, e-mail's sent to them etc as evidence that this problem occurs extremely often.

I can hold back payment and say, "I'm not paying you because your service is poor etc etc", but then again I'm not 12 years old.

What are my rights here?

Obviously I'm leaving this ISP, but I'm going to be honest, I want some sort of refund or something.

Please advise.

Thank you