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Thread: How to catch affiliates in SA?

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    How to catch affiliates in SA?

    As you know, affiliate networking marketing is one of the most important online marketing way now.

    Problems are: program and program have been opened, but the affiliates are limited.

    How to attract to the affiliate to join our program? I have tried to rise my commission rate and update the products information more often. But the results are the same.

    Anyone can help on this, I will be appreciated.

    Have a nice day, guys!

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    In SA, there are probably 5-50 affiliates who really perform. Networks like Offerforge know this. They call them "super-affiliates" and they treat them well! This country really doesn't have many of them and those that exist, stick to easy sales, like insurance leads and credit card leads. Getting these folk to promote a "normal" business where you want to pay per SALE and not per LEAD is like pulling teeth! They just don't need to take the risk of diverting their traffic to something that "might" pay when they currently have something that DOES pay.

    So if you're prepared to switch to a pay-per-lead model, and you're prepared to offer R70+ per lead, then I think you have a hope of attracting affiliates but then you'd best make sure that your conversion funnel is sound or you'll just be throwing money away.

    If that sounds good to you, try these local affiliate networks:
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    The problem with working with those affiliate networks is that they usually charge you a specific cost to have your affiliate product on their actual network.

    What is the product? WebsitE? Without knowing the specifics, it's difficult to help.

    If it's a product that can be sold overseas, why do you specifically need SA affiliates?

    Open up your own affiliate program with it offers affiliates instant commissions. It's the best I've worked with and they have super reasonable fees. $17 once off fee or 5% of the product cost. And they have thousands of amped affiliates

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