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Thread: Be a Hawker

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    Be a Hawker

    Hawkers, Car Guards

    Don't you just hate them Hovering around. Obscuring your view, getting you to buy their wares.


    The next time your meet your friendly foe, take a moment to observe them, I do

    Their CV

    No Sales Training

    Mouths to Feed, Immediate Needs - Food, Clothes, Shelter

    No previous proven track record, No References

    Not Presentable

    No Education

    Commission Based Earnings

    JOB DESCRIPTION (forced by circumstance - entered into by choice)

    - High rate of rejection - high persistency
    - Never take no for an answer - keep on truckin'
    - Anticipate the needs of the "target market" - ever noticed when it is raining how quickly they sell umbrellas. Have you ever wondered how they sourced the stock that quickly- Ever noticed the sale of the cellphone charges - so old school - for times when there is nothing going on, then they will go back to selling the "dead stock"!
    -They look out for each other, they respect each others turn. One will not enter anothers demarkated area. There is a level of camaderie.

    Car guards,

    I have a relationship with the guards at the shopping centre in Nelspruit, we park in his "area", his name is John, we talk to him, we know something of his life. We support him, he know how we like to pack our car. Which stuff goes in the back on in the front of the car (LDV). Just like we know the waiter, Innocent at the Mugg & Bean, (we have a work corner with about 3 other business owners who come to Nelspruit for the day to do business and need to wait for things to be done) . He likes Fish and Chips! He likes to check out chicks! He knows when to bring me Cuppacino and when to bring me sparkling water just by the look (the stressed one) on my face. He knows I joke a whole lot. He knows how loud and expressive I am.

    Getting back to the Car Guards, I don't give to them all, only ones that do something of value, and telling me how to drive does not constitute something of value.

    In short, look around you, there are business lessons everywhere, we just need to be able to recognise them and at the same time, remember that people are learning from you

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    I agree with you 100% I have two good friends who are hawkers. They lease council stalls for R70 per month and sell clothing and shoes which they buy from China. I once spent a day with one of them. Standing there that entire day hoping and praying that someone will buy your goods is not easy. They also have to contend with rain and the elements. I have a profound respect for legitimate hawkers, those who have paid the city council.
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