I gymed religiously for 8 years, 4 days a week. I had a burnout last June and haven't been to the gym since. My goal was simple basic fitness, I didn't want to become big and muscular. In fact, I created a catch phrase for the guys that wanted to be extra large, " I don't want to get big, that will break my heart but especially my tailor's heart," How big do you want to be, will it make you happy if you as big as this gym, then they'll have to build a special steam room for you..

A note on my tailor..I go to my tailor Yusuf Bhai, mainly to shorten lenght of a jeans or pants and believe or not every single time I go to me, I have the very same introductory remarks for him, " Yusuf Bhai, you my tailor, where else must I go, I only have you, please do a good job. You my tailor until death do us part, infact, one of my last wishes in my will is that with 5 hours of my death, you must come and measure my body for a suit so that I can look good in that coffin!"
He's from India and battles a bit with english, but on the last occassion, he actually responded and said, "yes, but they must phone me on the first day because when the body looses water it shrinks!"