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Thread: Overcoming my fear of snakes

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    Overcoming my fear of snakes

    The first month of 2012 is done and dusted. It has gone past with the blink of an eye and somehow, if you made any New Year resolutions, you might be surprised by how easy you managed to keep to it, or as with most people, be surprised at how easily you forgot about the aspirations you had around sticking to it!

    I for one had this unusual expectation that 2012 would be a great year, one which would be remembered long from now. Thus, going into the New Year, I gave myself a few targets in terms of business goals to achieve, but also personal life changes which I felt were needed. Nothing too detailed, in fact very vague, but knowing pretty much where I would like to be when I reached those targets.

    Then, coming to the reason for this post;

    I have an unusual fear of snakes, which has been the case since I have been little. Just thinking about them makes me quiver. For many this would be silly, but for me it was very real.

    Ironically then, my 6 year old son has, since he has been little, had a fascination for everything that can be categorised into the creepy crawly, insect, reptile or amphibian category. As luck would have it, his fascination led him to an interest in snakes and has been begging me to buy him one as a pet for the last 2 years. I caved and bought him his "pet" a week ago to my own disgust. The first few days were tough to say the least. I was not able to get within a few meters of him whilst he careered around carrying his new best friend, chasing him out of my room if he even dared bringing the snake in with him.

    And then it hit me, we are almost at the end of January 2012 and I have done virtually nothing towards the goals I set out for myself. Similarly, it was time to get over the fear of his reptile friend. A conscience decision was made and I started making small steps towards getting closer to his slithering friend, day by day taking small steps towards overcoming this fear. Last night I eventually took the biggest leap by actually picking up the snake and holding it for a while. I did not suddenly break out in spots, nor did I die!

    Something dawned on me, if I am able to, within a week, start my journey towards overcoming my lifelong fear of snakes, which is a huge step in my life, nothing else in life should be able to prevent me from reaching the goals I set out for myself and my business.

    I have 11 months left to achieve what I thought would take 12, but somehow, with my newfound wisdom or motivation I am confident that I would be able to achieve it with time to spare. Let's not take our eyes off the prize and take small steps to overcoming our fear of whatever prevents us from reaching our goals.

    I hope, you too, identify the "snakes" preventing you from achieving your aspirations and take conscience steps towards overcoming them.

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