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Thread: Problems with SARS

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    Problems with SARS

    Hi my name is Marjorie I am totally new to this forum and hope to become proficient at it with time I am now just experiencing problems with Sars even after submitting returns manuallyIi still receive texts demanding returns as from 01/03/2010 to 25/01/2012. That is how I ended up on forum I need some info on how to deal with this problem as i do not understand this IT 34 storey what do they want? somebody help me anybody help!!!!!

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    Hi Marjorie. The simplest way is to take all your tax info and visit your local SARS branch. If I have my Geography right, yours is nice and close in Ferndale. It'll take a few hours but they are normally quite helpful and will explain which documents are still needed.

    Just don't ignore them.

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    Hi, I can and WILL sort out your problem if you allow me to!!

    There are a few issues in the post :

    1. Technically there are no manual assessments anymore, as even if you go to SARS, they lodge the return on e-filing and the efiled assessment (IT34) is posted to you intead of being electronically issued.

    2. A demand is only issued for outstanding ITR12's and not IT34's
    3. The period you mention seems more like a statement of account
    4. The demand could be for another year of assessment in question
    5. A demand for other oustanding issues are dealt with by Enforcement
    6. If the IT34 is incorrect, it must be corrected via a correction or the lodgement of an objection depending on the nature of the problem
    7. The problem could be one of a technical nature where the assessment has not been linked to the "NITS" system

    I dont think that sitting at SARS for a few hours always solves the problems as it depends on the consultant you get, how close to lunchtime or tea time it is, how tired the person is, how much knowledge they have, if they are pregnant, if they want to SMS, etc However Randburg arent too bad in this respect but the queues are usually very long. Having said that this time of year is not a busy time.

    Let me know if you came right, if you didnt PM me and I will resolve it for you.

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