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    The following appeared on the Insurance Gateway website:

    With many South Africans planning to take long road trips this festive season, it is essential that they take adequate precautions when filling their vehicle with fuel, as the wrong fuel can cause significant damage and leave the vehicle owner with a hefty insurance bill – even if the fault is that of the petrol attendant.

    This is according to Leslie Mitchell, Managing Director at Garagesure Consultants & Acceptances - a specialist insurance underwriter, writing on behalf of Compass Insurance – who says the increase in customers at petrol stations during the festive season – particularly for those in normally quiet locations – means that this is an even more likely scenario at this time of year. “Petrol pump attendants are especially busy at Christmas so it is therefore vital to physically get out of your car and ensure the right fuel is being dispensed in order to avoid any financial repercussions.”

    “On average we see around 60 cases per year of the wrong petrol being put into vehicles and we estimate that this affects around 15% of all petrol forecourt owners in South Africa.

    Leslie says claims for the wrong fuel can cost anywhere between R9 700 and R132 000 - depending on the damage caused to the vehicle - and that the cost has little to do with the make or model of the car. “The underwriter or insurer of the petrol station concerned should be held liable in this situation; however, the reality is that not all insurers or underwriters do accept liability when such an event occurs.”

    “Some insurers of fuel stations put a cap on the amount that they can be held liable for in each individual case, with a further cap on the amount one station can claim in a year. This is often fine, provided one does not have a large claim such as one for R132 000. Other insurers take it a step further and apportion liability to the owner of the vehicle on the legal basis that there is an onus on their part to ensure that the correct fuel has been dispensed.”

    He says that while it is not feasible for every motorist to ascertain with whom the fuel stations are insured, especially as one travels around the country, there are some practical precautions motorists can take, such as:

    · Get out of your vehicle and make sure that the pump has been zeroed and that the correct nozzle has been placed into your vehicle
    · Be patient with the attendant if he asks you to repeat your instruction. It may save you a lot of money.
    · Ensure that a small sticker is placed inside the petrol cap of the vehicle if the manufacturer has not done so. The attendant can then see whether it is diesel or petrol.
    · Check your slip before pulling off to see that the correct fuel was dispensed.
    · Remember that you may sometimes drive someone else’s vehicle. Force of habit may cause you to instruct the attendant to dispense the wrong fuel.
    · Ensure your oil cap is replaced properly and the bonnet is properly closed.

    “Aside from buying a home, a motor vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases many people make. It is therefore important that customers take due care, especially during busy periods such as holiday seasons when the attendant is more likely to make a mistake,” concludes Leslie.

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    Nothing quite like putting petrol into a diesel engine.

    And apparently many makes of car will suffer severe problems if you put LRP into an engine designed for lead-free petrol. Not only does it wreck the catalytic converter, but perhaps more seriously it messes up the fancy sensors used for the engine management system and they'll need to be replaced too.
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    I had my oil topped up the one time and made the mistake of not checking, drove away without the oil cap on .....
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    and in my case they put unleaded into my old baby...and it burnt a hole in the piston...lucky it only cost R7000 to repair.

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