B1GTC is the first company in the world to provide integrated one-stop trading service for worldwide manufacturers to enter into Chinese market, which includes International Buyers Purchasing Show, logistics, order solicitation, financial support and legal consulting.

The International Buyers Purchasing Show is our main service and is totally different from the other traditional exhibitions and shows as following:
a.The show is hold in China and only open for overseas manufacturers and brands, there is no any Chinese native manufacturers and brands.
b.The suppliers and representatives of Chinese native and overseas largest scale hyper markets, super markets, convenience stores, and the major wholesalers and distributors from seven Chinese markets will be the buyers to attend the show. And totally there’ll be more than 300 buyers for each show.
c.The meetings schedule are prearrange before the show is hold and the time table is strictly under control.
d.B1GTC will #OOPS#igate the requirements of each buyer and invite them face to face. The show is not open to the public but is only accessible for the invited buyers.
e.B1GTC will pay all the cost for all the buyers to attend the show.
f.There’s one interpreter companying with the sellers during the show for free.
g.The Meeting Tracking System will help the buyers and sellers to recap the details in the show and help both sides for the order solicitation.
h.The overseas manufacturers and brands can have free B2B memberships. The B2B only promotes these overseas sellers to Chinese buyers.
i.B1GTC have premium services such as logistics, financial support and legal consulting to help both the sellers and buyers to solve the trading issues and save the cost without additional charges.

In order to help the reputable manufacturers and brands in your country to enter into Chinese market via the show, we sincerely invite you to be our partner in South Africa market. If you're interested in this project, pls don't be hesitated to contact with me.
Thank you very much.
Sincerely yours.