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Thread: How can one report a medical doctor?

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    How can one report a medical doctor?

    How can one report a medical doctor who one suspects is handing out "sick notes" to employees for a small fee?

    Is there a medical "ombudsman" and, if so, what is the correct procedure in reporting such suspicions?
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    My ex employers had a policy that they had the right to send you to a medical practitioner of their choice, should they have any doubts about your medical condition.

    It may be very hard to prove that the doctor had actually issued false medical certificates as doctors are unlikely to testify against each other.
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    Doctors are regulated by the Health Professions Council of South Africa. The specific Board is the Medical and Dental Board.

    After scratching around a bit, this seems to be the Lodge a Complaint info page.
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    can not figure out how to start a thread here.???? But want to get advise about a doctor that never supplied me with an invoice at the time of my visit and said that they would send it directly to my medical aid and have as yet still not got it right. They have supplied me with references that are not for submissions and have only supplied me with a statement(that I am sure the medical aid will not accept ).It is now 7 months since my consultation. I do not have the money to pay the account myself.Was retrenched in December. Surely they are in the wrong? I am just waiting to be black listed!!! by them.

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