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Thread: Installing Pastel express V.11 on Laptop.

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    Installing Pastel express V.11 on Laptop.

    Good Day
    I have Pastel Express installed on my PC but I would like to uninstall it and then re-install it on my laptop. How do I do that and do I need to register again? Will I be able to just continue working where I left off or do I need to create the company all over again?

    your advise with this is much appriciated.


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    The answer is Yes, you can, provided you remove the system from your PC, as you said you would, otherwise you will be contravening Pastel's licencing terms.

    You will need to re-register Pastel on your laptop, but you won't be able to do it online as you might have done on your PC, as your laptop will generate a different Access Code, which is a function of your serial number, registered name and computer name. You will need to phone Pastel on 011-3043900 and ask for Registrations and explain the reason for re-registering and they will generate a new authorisation code and read it out to you, or sms it to you, which you will then type in the relevant field in the Registration Assistant.

    The actual data of your company is contained in a single folder (which will have the name that you defined) in your Xpress folder on your PC. Simply copy it onto a memory stick and paste it into the Xpress folder on your laptop, and then select "Add Company" to get it onto your menu, once you have registered Pastel on your laptop.
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