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Thread: Business Brokering Opportunity

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    Business Brokering Opportunity

    Hello Everyone,

    Looking for some advice\opinions on something that I stumbled across by chance.

    I had an enquiry from a guy who wanted to know if I could help him to determine the value of a business that he was interested in purchasing. So I explained to him what I can offer him in the way of services and he said that he would get back to me as he does not have a concrete opportunity he is looking at and just put the word into the market that he is looking recently.

    So later in the week while speaking to some other potential clients I came across 3 decent business opportunities\businesses for sale (I have not researched them in full personally at this point)

    Now the question is should I think about doing this as a service\additional service to generate income by matching buyers and sellers (i.e. business broker services & yes I know its not just matching buyers and sellers )

    If yes how would one go about offering this type of service i.e. commission structures, legal aspects, etc...

    Looking forward to hearing your advice & suggestions
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    I know I harp on about Mark Corke at Suitegum, but he is the expert.
    I am sure he will make you an affiliate, you locate the businesses and clients in your area, let him do the work, you sit back and earn a fat commission.

    ps I am not an affiliate
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