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Thread: Unable to use deemed milage when submitting pre-2010 returns???

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    Unable to use deemed milage when submitting pre-2010 returns???

    I am 'delinquent' with my tax return for 2009. I had a travel allowance and used deemed milage for older returns. My tax consultant absolutely insists that she cannot use deemed milage to submit my 2009 return now since the current e-filing form now has no provision for deemed milage. Is this correct? I trust my tax consultant as she has always been on the ball in the past, but I have recieved contrary advice that it is still possible to use deemed milage for those tax years where it was still permissable. It centainly does not 'feel' right that there would be no provision on the efiling form for people who need to submit outstanding returns for the years when deemed milage was allowed.

    Please could someone who is sure about the answer please advise me ... perhaps with a screen print or similar that I can show my tax consultant if she is mistaken, although I would be very unhappy with her if she is mistaken and would use someone else in future!

    No offence meant, but please no 'I think' responses I need solid advice here.

    Does the paper form perhaps allow for deemed milage on 'old' returns?

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    From 1 March 2010 you will have to keep a logbook and can't make use of the deemed method. Your 2009 return, you will still be able to make use of the deemed method. You are not allowed to use old forms but will have to use the new form which does not give the option of deemed km's. but on the section where you fill in your km details etc. they ask - did you use a logbook to determine your business km's travelled - she must simple state no
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