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Thread: STC Cycle Start Date

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    STC Cycle Start Date

    Hi All.

    I want to take a dividend from the cc, and assume that I need to declare and pay the STC on the dividend.

    I have found the STC payment form on the "Create Additional Payments" section of eFiling.

    2 questions :

    1. if I want to take 100k, do I take 100k and pay 100k x 10% = 10k tax ( so the cost the the company is actually R110k ), or do I take 100k - 10% = 90k to me, and 10k to SARS ?

    2. on the online form, it has a "Cycle Start Date". What is this "cycle" ?
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    Sorry i don't know your situation with regards to dividends decalred in the past but you can go to this link and download the comprehensive guide and read about the cycle on page 65

    just make sure your end date is not exceeding a month eg. if you say your end date is 28 feb you had to pay over the stc by no later than 31 march otherwise there is penalties and interest.

    you take 100k and the cost to company is 110k
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