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    Hi. Sometimes we require a casual to work say 10hrs on one week, 5 another, & for 20hrs a 3rd week in any month, or a couple days here & there. Usually the same person as you get to know what they can & cant do. Surely we dont need to make them employees as they are not permanent staff? Can I put their cost through pastel as Casual Labour? There wont be any problems will there with paye etc as its not payable? Can I just get them to sign a piece of paper saying they have receive Rxx.xx as my paperwork?

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    Be very careful, you may fall into the trap that when you don't use him anymore he tries to get unemployment compensation.
    The UIF then turn around and bite you for not contributing?
    If you use a gardner once a week even mornings only you should register him and pay UIF I imagine it is the same with regular casual labour?
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    If they work more than 20 hours on any given week you would need to register for UIF! ie not considered as casual labour anymore

    I am not 100% sure of this, this is what I heard from an accountant!

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