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Thread: static or dynamic ip address

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    static or dynamic ip address

    been doing some i can complete my cctv installation and be able to view my cameras from anywhere on the net.

    i want to be able to connect to my office which will be linked to the dvr...i am not sure if i should connect a 3/4 G modem or use the telkom router.

    i want to be able to receive sms or an email if the alarm is activated....then view the cameras from my netbook which has a 3 G card in it...i do realise that the 3 g route would be more expensive.

    some recommendations are that i use a router to avoid virus and other complications and that i should use a dynamic ip address?

    what are your thoughts.

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    I always set up static ipaddresses for all pc's and servers on my routers. I have a very particular addressing scheme which just makes life easier as the network evolves. I also prefer it that way for managing security, permissions, exceptions etc.
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    I'm not so sure on the smsing, but for viewing you should probably go static since you will need to allow traffic through your router. It becomes a bit more difficult when the IP of the machine you're trying to reach keeps changing. The benefit of a router is normally the firewall that comes with it. All the machines coming out of your network look like they're coming from one IP.

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    You can connect an SMS unit to the alarm system, Thisis al determined by a IO board output on the alarm system... Basicly what happens is the same as the out put that goes to the siren, the sms unit will recieve a signal and then send the sms to a programed number.

    Then as far as remote viewing goes, My recomendation is that you incorporate a uncapped ADSL line at the office (on DVR side) and there should be no issue connecting from a 3G unit connected to your notebook... In some instances we used to supply sustems that alow you to view via your sellphone

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