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    we all know this time of year is the festival of lights and guy fawkes...take reponsibility for your animals...i hear people complaining about the fireworks...hello...the fireworks are not going to take a little responsibilty for your my big boy is biggest baby when it comes to noise...he can hear a storm...hours before it hits...he is kept inside...lavender around his ears and tv left on to ease the noise from the fireworks and we comfort him...he also gets privliges at this time of being allowed to sit in the lounge...if you take the time you can smelll when a dog is scared...look after them they could save your life one day...stop blaming everyone else...and if your animal is lost go find it...the spca can only look after a limited number of animals for a limited time period...make the effort to find out where the after hours animla shelters you can find your animal if they get picked up and taken to the shelters...if you live in durban or highway area...the best place to take them after hours is the spca in kloof...they have an after hours kennels you just take the animal there and put it in a kennel...they will sort it out in the morning...there is water and a blanket left in the kennels

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