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Thread: error code 116

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    error code 116

    I wonder if you could give me some advice.

    I am running Pastel v 11 ( 7 user lic) network (6 workstations) with the Pastel09 directory on a NAS-drive,it cannot allow multiple access to a company ie if one user opens a company then it automatically lock out other user from the soon as I want to open a company on a second workstation it gives me a Status 116 message and closes Pastel.

    Any ideas??

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    Troubleshooting 116

    Stop all the Pervasive engines on the network
    Close Pastel on all machines
    Look for the Pervasive icon where the time displays on the screen, right-click on the icon and select Stop Engines and Exit
    Run a search for *.loc and delete all the *.loc files
    Go to Start...Search, select files and folders
    When prompted on what you would like to search for select All files and folders
    Where it says All or part of the file name type in the following: *.loc
    Make sure where it says Look in it is pointing to Local disk C

    The reason you need to do this is because the pvsw.loc file could be pointing to a gateway machine that is not available anymore or the data was copied from one machine to another. You will notice that the loc file is a read only file, meaning that it does not dynamically change every time the gateway changes. So sometimes the loc file may be referring to a machine that is not the gateway. Therefore deleting the pervasive loc file is the first thing you should do.

    Do not set up another gateway until you can get all the machines to connect properly without a gateway. Resetting the gateway should be the last thing you do.
    If you have loaded Pastel and Pervasive for the first time or if the added new machines to the network, check the pinging of the machines on the network.
    To ping a machine you will need to go to Start...Run
    In the run box type in COMMAND (win98) or CMD (all other Windows) this will bring up the dos prompt box
    In dos type 'ping computername where computername' is the name of the server or other workstation. Test the pinging of the machines all round
    o From the server to the workstation
    o From workstation to workstation
    o From workstations to the server.
    If the tests pass then you should not have any network problems. If it does not then you will get an error 116.
    My advice is to get this sorted out first before trying anything further.

    Setting up a Gateway

    A Gateway is a machine that acts as the machine which controls the transfer of the Pastel data over and across the network
    Firstly shut down all the Pervasive Workgroup engines on all the machines
    Search for *.loc files on all the machines locally and delete every pvsw.loc file that is found
    Go to the machine that is going to be the gateway, on that machine go to Start > Programs > Pervasive > Utilities > Gateway locator
    In the Target directory Option select the share for the Pastel data (not the data itself just the root directory)
    Click OK
    Then go to the Change button at the bottom
    Click change
    Select the option Assign a Gateway
    The computer name that you are currently working on should appear
    Click on OK and then Refresh
    That will ensure that whenever any machine tries to access the shared data folder that it will read the pvsw.loc file which will tell the Pervasive Engine which machine to use as the Gateway.
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