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Thread: building alteration requirements

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    building alteration requirements

    so now that i am having this issue with the building inspector...maybe it time to open this can of worms...and get up to speed with the requirements if you decide to make a change to your building.

    what do you need?

    building plans
    when aree they required?
    what are the minimum requirements?
    approved by who?
    at what stage can you go ahead with the contruction?

    test certificates
    what certificates are required?
    when are they to be inpsepcted and at what stage during the contruction.

    who do you notify before you can start with construction?

    warning...if you decide to do contruction make sure the staff employed by the contractors are full time employed...a large percentage of breakins occur within weeks of construction work being carried out on properties.

    makes sure you get ID copies of every single person who enters your and electrical...and i normally take pictures of each copy of ID no entrance to my property or my customers properties...i never take tog labour onto my own property nor to any of my customers...i am very strict with this due to the amount of breakins.

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    Firstly pray that there ARE plans. If the monkeypality don't have and you don't it cost almost as much as your project to get new ones drawn up.
    I have that problem now.

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