Hi All;
Just another idťe with a timer, I have a time one of those digital ones in my DB which I use for my geyser but Iíve disconnected it because I did some testing and the timer doesnít save much. But we planed a getaway and had know one to come and spot check every now and then and we all know how smart the criminals out there is. So what I did is connect one circuit of lights to one side of a timer which goes on for a specific time and a another sercuit which do the same function. So what Iím saying is all the light switches in the house is off except the one in the bedroom and say the living room and a bedroom so between say 7 and 8 at night the living room and the bathroom lights will be on because the timer is programmed for that time frame and between 8 and 9 the bedroom light will be on. Iíve also split my kitchen light circuit and set the timer to go on at 11 at nigh for say the Monday and the Tuesday and then 12.30 for the rest of the week but the light will be on for one minute only because you getting something to drink you know, Iíve even played around with plug circuits so that the TV goes on and weekends the hifi will play for a wail.

I know its sound like Iím paranoid or something but with no house inherence and no one to turn to and low income this was the only thing I could think of and I tell you what the people next door never knew I was gone.