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Thread: Windoze 8

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    Windoze 8

    Anyone else running Windoze 8 yet? Wondered how you were getting along with it. It's still in pre-beta so it's not for the faint-hearted. I've only been running it for a week and the only advice I have is don't try installing it on a machine that you use for other purposes cause you'll be depressed when it goes toes-up and you lose all your data. It's available here if you think you're up to it. This is the first official release from M$ which is only marginally more stable than the previous unofficial releases.

    I'm wondering if M$'s UEFI and secure boot system is going to be the death of dual booting pc's with Linux based os's. Link
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    There would be some serious anti-competition cases on the go if windows made it possible to stop dual booting. Similar to why Europe users are given a choice on which browser they want to use ( having IE as a default was apparently WAY too anti-competitive.)

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    Well M$ adamantly denies that their UEFI would disallow OS's such as Linux from booting:

    Though we all know not to trust anything M$ utters ... don't we?
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