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Thread: Discovery Health versus Liberty Health

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    Discovery Health versus Liberty Health

    Hi Guys and Dolls,

    I think it is about time I change my medical aid. I am with one of the above on their top plan and I am not happy with what I am getting as opposed to what I am paying.
    I do not want to move to the bottom ranges where one has only a hospital plan and have to pay all the other stuff out of pocket.
    So...............what has been your experience with either one of the above ? Good or bad.
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    I am with the biggest, on a "classic Saver" plan. I would rather be raped with a ripe pineapple than stay on their plan, but I can't find a suitable alternative, this plan already costs R5K per month and the benefits suck... big time. They claim to cover this and that, but when you get this or that done, they pay for it from your (very small) MSA, so you might as well just pay out of pocket anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martinco View Post
    I do not want to move to the bottom ranges where one has only a hospital plan and have to pay all the other stuff out of pocket.
    I prefer to cover only the necessities and have full cover for the major stuff. I have been fooled for too long to have full cover which cost an arm and a leg. (also forced by employer requirements). You can hardly claim anything on full cover and you pay for maternity and other benefits that you (as a male) will never use.

    I may visit the doctor once a year. Pay cash and get a 10% discount. To have the medical aid pay the doctor, I'll have to pay the excess not covered by medical aid and end up paying double what I am paying now. Why do I need to contribute toward a savings or top up plan which is held in the medical aid's books if I can keep it in my own account?

    I am quite happy with Discovery and the associated benefits. They pay for regular check ups, subsidise gym fees and help you to live healthy. The rewards are magic and well worth the effort.
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    I used to be with Discovery, hated them. In the beginning they were great, since I travelled a lot, and I liked the Kulula discount I got. But as far as medical cover was concerned, I felt I was paying through my ears for no benefits at all. By the 3rd month of each year (3yrs in a row) my MSA would be depleted, and this after only perhaps 3 visits to the doctor, then I'd have to start paying out of my pocket. With 2 kids in pre-school, that was becoming a nightmare! For R3k a month, I expected more. I changed to a Medihelp, because I NEVER wanted to hear the words MSA and threshold ever again in my life!!! The first year with Medihelp was fantastic. Monthly contribution was the same, but the benefits were FAR better. I prefer having a set limit for particular items, I.e. an amount for dental, an amount for optom, an amount for pathology, etc. It's far easier to understand and to manage myself. Things changed this year however, and I find I have to pay in a lot more for prescription medication. So now I've come to the conclusion that medical schemes are like banks: they change their benefit-structure every year, and these changes are not insignificant! The one offering the best benefits for your particular needs this year, may not cater for your needs next year, even if your needs haven't changed. So I don't know which scheme to recommend, but Discovery is still not one of my favourites.

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