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Thread: Home Content Insurance

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    Home Content Insurance

    Hello Everyone,

    Looking for some advice here on home content insurance.

    My sister who stays in The JHB - Alberton area lost most of her electrical appliances last week, tv, hifi, fridge, freezer, alarm, gate motor and she has a 4 week old baby, lost the baby monitor, breast milk pumps, heaters, etc...

    Now apparently someone stole the cable somewhere and this caused a power surge of some sort that damaged all the appliances...

    So anyway she couldn't do much over the last 2 days as they don't do claims on a weekend so she called them today and they say that they do not cover damage to appliances through power surges!

    The insurance is with Standard Bank\Hollard.

    Is this correct?

    any advice will be welcome as they urgently need to replace these items due to the newborn and they are not in a position to do it on their own as they have outlaid alot of money recently with the babies birth


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    I wouldn't put it past them to exclude damage due to power surges, it's not the first time I've heard this. The obvious thing to do would be to check her policy document to make sure they're not just trying their luck.
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    Years ago I worked at Eskom developing their internal insurance system. If she cannot come right with them, maybe she can try with Eskom? I remember it was not easy to get them to pay out, but it is worth a try.
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    Hollard should pay the claim. She was not negligent nor did she contribute to her loss. Approach the Ombud if they give her hesstles.

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