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Thread: Signature Witnesses Required ?

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    Signature Witnesses Required ?

    I just signed a hefty agreement with a supplier ( in my capacity as Member of our CC ) and just realised that there are no requirements for Witness signatures.

    Is this something that fell away with the NCA ?

    If not, what effect would it have on the validity of the agreement ?
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    I hope you read it carefully, and did you get a copy?

    It is not necessary to have a witness, however it does give more credibility to the agreement when the time comes to enforce the agreement.
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    Hi there,

    Wow, you entered into a hefty agreement and only noticed after signature that there was no witness field? That sounds like a dangerous scenario!

    Anyway, the witnesses are there if you deny signing the agreement. If either parties sues in court, without witnesses you can simply say you did not sign it and the onus would rest with the other party to prove you did. Unethical but anyway.

    Seems like you either helped yourself or shot yourself in the foot...

    Mr Smit

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