i see where he is coming from with his coments...he needs it to work because there is financial gain for his company...as soon as you add money to the equation so everything else flys out the window...that is why i believe most contractors dont believe an independant company should be policing the industry especially if they will making bucks out of it...it should be done by a none bias...goverment department or better still the electricity supply authourity responsible for the supply to that area...with the correct skills and just as important the manpower and infrastruture to tackle such a huge burden.

a hand full of AIAs are not going to solve the massive problem in the industry...the only thing i do agree with him about is the fact that we need a change of attitude...but like wearing a seat belt will only be enforced if strict punishment and penalites implemented...strike 1 2 or 3 you out...caught again fines to hurt the pocket.

i also believe we need to get the support of ALL the contractors in the industry...unless this is achieved we will just keep going around in circles like the coc...which i am sure one day will become a legit document worth the paper it is typed on...

the inspection report has to be a completely seperate document to the COC...with 2 seperate rates...with the correct information regarding domestic...commercial and industrial...i had to complete a coc tis week and could not find one place to tick for the type of installtion i was testing...i had to fill in other and detail the type of work i was signing off...and just to really put a cherry on top had a smart ass who knew everything and was running around pointing out fault level violations...which he couldnt give any documented proof of minimum distances for the various fault levels..just merly pointing out what he perceived as inadaqute...one thing i have learnt about shouting off my mouth is make sure you have all your tees crossed and is dotted...because those people who sit quietly listening arent always as stupid as you might think...especially when they have been contracted in by the company for their expert advice.