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Thread: Charging storage cost,where the panel beater never gave client a contract

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    Charging storage cost,where the panel beater never gave client a contract

    Good day

    I just want to ask your opinion regarding a problem I had with my vehicle that was at a panelbeater shop,my vehicle were standing there for a year now,because i was waiting for my company to fix the vehicle.In September 2010 i requested the contract from the panelbeaters regarding the storage cost,to identify to me the daily cost per day for the storage.Where they told me over a telephone conversation if i recommended them as the first option to repair the vehicle they will not charge me storage cost.I told them that i am still waiting for my company regarding the repair of the vehicle,where the panel beater company told me that is not a problem.In 2011 the panel beaters called me and ask if I am still going to fix the vehicle,where i told them yes i am going to fix it.I did received the money regarding the repairing of the vehicle.The panelbeaters told me that the price went up to repair the vehicle,i said that is fine.I ask Cindy at Bodyman Panelbeater shop ,may I requested for the number of the owner of the shop.She gave me the number.When I called that number the person called himself Anton,he said the owners name is Curt.When Anton gave me a number to get hold of Curt,that number was not working.When I called Anton again to told him that the number is not working,the same voice answer and i ask if it is Anton where the person said very funny no that is Curt.I told Curt that i will repair the vehicle at their shop,where he said that is fine but he will charge me R60 000 storage cost.I told him that you told me in September 2010 you will not charge me any storage cost.He replied that he needed that money.I want to ask i never signed any document for storage cost,only a document that said what was inside the vehicle where they tick it off on the paper during the fetching of the vehicle by the towing truck.The purpose of that paper is to confirm that there was carpets,sparewheel etc.There was a space on that small paper that identify they will remove your vehicle after 3 months with no respond from the client.I did call them in september 2010 to accossiate regarding the repairing of the vehicle.There was a space as well on that paper where there was the storage cost section,but they never right anyyhing there during the pick up of the vehicle.I did ask the towing Guy if i signed here is it for all reasons on the paper,where he replied only for those i tick off.Now the body panelbeaters want to use that paper against me?Are they entitled to do that?Can you please give me advice.


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    Hi Johan
    I noticed that you are in East London - perhaps you would like to share this with Service R8d. Their website address is and they send out a newsletter every Friday sharing news of good and bad service.
    Good luck!

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    Hi Johan,

    Welcome to the forum. I am afraid that whilst you are right, it is going to cost you much time and effort to get your vehicle back. Unfortunately these businesses are a law unto themselves, and they always have you by the short and curleys, simply because they hold your asset. Even if you win the case in court, which can take another 2 years or so, by this time, your vehicle will be damaged beyond repair, and parts stripped from places you can not see.

    You may need to go visit the owner, and strike up a deal. However cheaper you can get, accept it, if you do not you will lose your asset. They will sell your car from under you legally to defray expenses.
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    I understand where the panel beater is coming from - a one year delay does seem excessive.

    In trying to think of an argument to fight for a reduction of the storage bill, I would raise the lack of notification if they had your contact details all this time, though.

    If the company is responsible for the payment of repairs and they were the cause of the delay, you might also think about passing on the storage bill to them too.
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