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    Non-Profit Accounting - Fundraiser

    HELP! we had a fundraiser and I was tasked to create a profit and loss for a fund raiser and I do not know what to do.
    we received various donations

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    HR Solutions

    Fraudulent clients

    So by a client not producing certain certificates means u can jump to these conclusions ??

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    Mike C

    Fraudulent clients

    I want to applaud you for taking this seriously. If only more people would do that there may be a lot less corruption in our country. I know that the

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    Dave A

    VAT write off

    How did the incorrect balance arise in the first place?

    Output VAT does not manifest in any P&L account.
    If any VAT on purchases

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    VAT write off

    i have a irrecoverable expense account on my P&L or what would be the best solution?

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